Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is the best way to get outside and do something fun! With more ski resorts putting work towards mountain biking trails, the fun is only getting started.

Lift-Serviced Downhill

It’s what us skiers know and love. Using the lift to do the difficult part and we get the beauty and fun of flying down the mountain. And, just because the snow is gone, doesn’t mean we can’t still use the lift. Normally, you will purchase a day ticket just like skiing, and that is good for the entire mountain and all of the running lifts. Most resorts also have a full rental system in place for riders just in case you don’t have the proper gear. The following resorts offer lift-serviced downhill mountain biking for the 2022 summer:

Photo: Sunday River

Earn Your Descend

Earning your descent is a much different feel as we’ve probably all done it at some point in our lives. Basically, you can go wherever there are trails. For some of us, that means all we need to go is to our backyard. The best and most notable trails I have done are the ones over at the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center. Head over to their website to learn all about what they have to offer. Plus, you are constantly getting killer views of Saddleback mountain!

Photo: Saddleback Maine