Pleasant Mountain Guide

Pleasant Mountain Guide

Here at Mainely Skiing, we are all about skiing and ease of use at different mountain resorts. Pleasant Mountain is an incredible mountain if you’re all about location. You can’t beat the commute of just over an hour from the surrounding cities. Get ready for an awesome day at Pleasant Mountain!

Mountain Stats:

Enjoy all that Pleasant Mountain has to offer.

  • Base elevation: 150′
  • Summit elevation: 1,450′
  • Vertical drop: 1,300’
  • Annual average snowfall: 110″
  • Number of chairlifts: 6
  • Named runs: 47
  • Skiable acreage: 239
  • Acres of glades: 50+
  • Number of beginner terrain trails: 6
  • Longest run: 0.8 miles

Getting To Pleasant Mountain:

Approximate driving time from major metro areas (in hours):

  • Portland, ME: 1:20
  • Bangor, ME: 2:40
  • Montreal: 4:45
  • Quebec City: 5:45
  • Boston, MA: 3:10
  • Hartford, CT: 4:10
  • New York City: 7:20

Lift Information:

All lifts open and close according to the prospective operating day. Monday: 9:30am – 9pm. Tues- Fri: 9:30am – 8pm. Saturday: 8:30am – 8pm. Sunday: 8:30am – 4:30pm. Holidays: 8:30am – 8pm. Plus, don’t miss Pleasant Mountain’s incredible night skiing opportunities. Night skiing starts at 3:30pm Monday-Saturday (and holiday Sundays).

  • Pine Quad: See Schedule
  • Summit Triple: See Schedule
  • Rabbit Run Triple: See Schedule
  • Lil’ Pine Beginner Carpet: See Schedule
  • Sunnyside Triple: 3:30 pm 
  • Snow Pine Carpet: 3:30 pm


All trails at Pleasant Mountain are thoughtfully designed with skiing and snowboarding in mind. Take a cruiser down Sunset Blvd or warm up on Lower Kancamangus. Whatever you are into, Pleasant Mountain has trails that side best with you! While looking at the trails below, look for that special symbol as those are Keegan’s favorite trails and the ones he recommends.

Rabbit Run Area:

The Rabbit Run Triple chair services green trails and those trails you might want to warm up on. If you’re a beginner, either this area or the Pine area would be best for you.

The trails serviced from this chair include:

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left. To view a high-resolution 2022-23 Pleasant Mountain trail map click here.

Easy Turns – A gentle trail that snakes its way down the mountain.
Rabbit Run – The main trail under the Rabbit Run Triple chair.
Rabbit Run Mini Park – The main trail under the Rabbit Run Triple chair. You can either take this beginner terrain park or bypass it by continuing down Rabbit Run.

Photo: Lift Blog

Pine Area:

The Pine Quad is for those skiers ready to advance to some blues. This lift can bring skiers back to the Rabbit Run area as well.

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left. To view a high-resolution 2022-23 Pleasant Mountain trail map click here.

T-Line – The T-Line trail takes skiers down the path of the old T-Bar. This narrow trail ends in front of the lodge area.
Pine Slope – The main trail under the Pine Quad, this easy blue trail is perfect for lapping.
Slide Chute – This tiny trail can be accessed by West Slope and takes skiers back to Pine Slope.
Sherwood Forest – A beautiful gladed area in between West Slope and Pine Slope.
  West Slope – One of the easier ways down from Pine, this trail houses the Grommet Garden Terrain Park.
 Happiness Is – The other easier way down the mountain, you can access the Everygreen trail.
 Evergreen – Short trail connects skiers back to the Rabbit Run area.

Photo: Lift Blog

Summit Area:

The Summit Triple takes skiers and riders up the mountain in around 6 minutes. This is the main lift on the mountain.

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left. To view a high-resolution 2022-23 Pleasant Mountain trail map click here.

 Dungeon’s Glade – This short glade will end up on the Kancamangus trail.
 Peter’s Plunge – This short little connector trail is used to access the Kancamangus trail, East Glades, or the Sunnyside area.
Lower Kancamangus – This beautiful winding trail takes you through the woods at an easy pace.
 Fat And Happy – A straight-shot trail that avoids The Headwall and ends on Lower Kancamangus.
 Beeline – A short little trail off of Exit 48.
 Jack Spratt – The upper part of the trail under the Summit Triple chair.
 The Horn – The easier way down the center of the mountain.
The Headwall – The steep section of trail as The Horn.
 East Slope – The main slope, as well as the trail with The Headwall.
 The Vain – Accessed from the Mid Station on the Summit Triple Chair.
 The Main – This trail can be accessed from the Mid Station on Summit Triple and can also be used to get to the Freestyle Terrain Park.
Parmalee’s – This short trail takes you to the Pine Area.
 The Crossover – Takes skiers and riders back to the main, Summit Area.
Cooley’s – This trail off the Mid Station takes skiers over to the Pine area.
 Riley’s Run – Used to get to the Pine area, this is a blue alternative.
Haggett’s – A steep trail that runs alongside the Moonshot trail.
  Sunset Blvd. – The easier way down from the top bullwheel of the Summit Triple. You can also access Tuckerman’s Cabin from this trail.
 Moonshot – The moonshot trail is in between Sunset Blvd. and Haggett’s.
Lower Haggett’s – Taking skiers to the Pine area.

Photo: Lift Blog

Sunnyside Area:

The Sunnyside area is mainly for condos but services some great terrain if you’re looking for a separate area of the mountain to have fun on! This area is serviced by one chair – Sunnyside Triple.

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left. To view a high-resolution 2022-23 Pleasant Mountain trail map click here.

 Upper Appalachian – This trail winds down from the top bullwheel of the Sunnyside Triple chair.
 The Gut – This trail under the lift transitions into the Lower Appalachian trail.
  Lower Appalachian – The main trail under the Sunnyside Chair.
 Yee Haw – This trail allows skiers to avoid the Upper Appalachian trail.
 Cody’s Caper – This glade can be accessed from the Yee Haw trail and drops skiers off on the Upper Roosevelt trail.
Poacher’s Paradise  – This trail can be accessed by the Cody’s Caper trail.
 Tycoon – The black trail can be used to have a little more fun and gets skiers to the Mohawk trail.
 Pinnacle East – This short connector trail allows skiers to get back onto the main trail under the lift – Lower Appalachian.
 Mohawk – A long trail that gets skiers to the Trail Side Woods Condos.
  Upper Kancamangus – Accessed off of the Yee Haw trail.
East Glades – This short glade trail that ends on the Lower Roosevelt trail.
  Upper Roosevelt – A long blue trail that avoids The Gut, main trail.
 Wizard – This short little connector trails takes skiers to the Lower Kancamangus trail.
  Lower Roosevelt – The continued trail from Upper Roosevelt and takes skiers back to the Lower Appalachian trail.
 Exit 48 This blue trail takes skiers back to the main part of the mountain – Summit Area.

Photo: New England Ski History

Terrain Parks:

Pleasant Mountain has three terrain parks for your skiing and riding pleasure. Rabbit Run Mini Park to start out small and work on your skills along, Grommet Garden with an upper-level park, and the Freestyle Terrain Park (Main Park) with small all the way to large features. These change regularly, so be sure to look before you leap!

Start Small – Work your way up.
Make a Plan – Every feature. Every time.
Always Look – Before you drop.
Respect – The features and other users.
Take it Easy – Know your limits. Land on your feet.

The terrain parks include:

Trail descriptions are ordered from skiers right to skiers left. To view a high-resolution 2022-23 Pleasant Mountain trail map click here.

Rabbit Run Mini Park (S) – The beginner terrain park at Pleasant Mountain is located off the Rabbit Run Triple Chair on the Rabbit Run Trail. This park is typically set up with small, beginner features to test the waters of riding park.
Grommet Garden (S/M/L) – Ready to take your park skills up a notch? Grommet Garden has what you want for the next level of riding. Offering small to large features, this park can be found off of West Slope or accessed by the Pine Quad.
Freestyle Terrain Park (M/L/XL) – This is Pleasant Mountain’s main terrain park. This is where the skier/rider gets total freedom to do the tricks they want. This park is usually set up with lots of different rails, boxes, and other features. The jump line can range from 15-30 foot jumps. You can find this park by following The Main trail and can be accessed by the Summit Triple.