Summer Fun

Mainely Skiing Summer Fun (June 11, 2021)

Welcome to the Mainely Skiing Summer Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox whenever we release new emails. In this email, we will highlight all the summer activities in or around the Rangeley Area!

New Updates:

As you are looking at this now wondering what changed, we have recently updated our entire website to make it more user friendly. That process naturally creates small problems that we are actively trying to fix. If you spot something that isn’t right or you think it should be changed, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at and check out our newly updated website to see it for yourself!


As lupin season is here and will be in the mountains shorty, this is the perfect time to break out those cameras and head over to a spot you’ve been thinking about. My personal recommendations are: A water photo, anything with the sun, either coming up or going down, or my favorite, the ski hill. If you need inspiration, just do a quick Google search of the area you are in and it will show many popular locations. Or, click over to images and look at what others have shared. However, we are still in blackfly season, or what everyone else calls it, spring which makes bug spray the name of the game! I would suggest pants and long sleeve shirts so you can protect yourself from ticks as well.

Photo: Nick Leadley


Ever want the full Maine experience? Well, now you can check camping off your list! With many camping locations or full campgrounds in and around the Rangeley area, now is the perfect time to go out and spend a night in the woods! With many places open and renting out camping supplies, it’s now or never to check it out! Below you can find links to everything you will need! Happy camping!


What a week! As many of us saw temps in the 90’s on both Monday and Tuesday, I’m happy to report that we won’t see those temperatures for a while! I know many Mainers took out their air conditioners, myself included! Thankfully, this weekend looks like one that we can get outside and get stuff done. Take a look at the weather for the extended weekend below.

High:61 73 76
Low:46 47 52
Based out of Rangeley

Enjoy the sunshine!


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