Summer Fun

Mainely Skiing Weekly Email (September 23, 2022)

Welcome to the Mainely Skiing Summer Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox whenever we release new emails. In this email, we will highlight all the summer activities in or around the Rangeley Area!

Sugarloaf Uphill Climb:

Registration is now open for the Uphill Climb which returns Sunday, October 9th. Important Info:

  • Starting at the SuperQuad, racers will run/hike/trudge about 2400 vertical feet to the summit. 
  • There will be two water stops along the course, offering water only.
  • This race will occur rain or shine, so please plan accordingly and bring plenty of extra layers for the summit.
  • No racers will be allowed on-course who have not registered, received a bib, or signed a liability release.

Sign up and get ready for a great run! For more information and how to register, click the link below.

Calendar Adds:

Make sure to add these events to your calendar to keep yourself up to date with the local happenings. Of course, you can always visit our events page which is constantly getting updated so you can know about the event before anyone else! Click here

Event Name:Start Date:End Date:Occurrence:
Saddleback OktoberfestOctober 8October 8One Day
Sugarloaf Homecoming WeekendOctober 8October 9Two Days
Sugarloaf Uphill ClimbOctober 9October 9One Day
Sunday River Scenic Lift RidesJuly 3October 10Every Day

Jordan 8 Update:

Progress on Sunday River’s newest lift, Jordan 8, a Doppelmayr 8-person high-speed lift, is moving fast. The top terminal’s concrete foundations got poured last week. Typically, crews will work on one terminal at a time and they have almost completed the bottom terminal. They received the parts from Europe and the tower heads have been assembled. Just a few things left before it’s ripping us up the mountain. Check out this video from Sunday River’s Facebook Page.

Photo: Tower Heads for Jordan 8

Saddleback Oktoberfest:

The second annual Oktoberfest at Saddleback is happening on October 8, 2022. With a free pass holder BBQ, beer, and other Oktoberfest activities, you don’t want to miss it! For more information and to get tickets, head over to their website. Click the link below.

Sugarloaf Pump House:

Throughout the off-season, crews at Sugarloaf have been busy building a booster pump house above Bullwinkle’s. During a press release, the mountain said “The new pump house, combined with the addition of 107 new high-efficiency HKD snowguns will increase the number of guns the resort can run simultaneously under optimal conditions from roughly 130 to nearly 230. This will allow the resort to cover and open more terrain earlier in the season.” All of this is working for a better western mountain experience with the upcoming West Mountain High-Speed Lift and Timberline replacement/upgrade in the following years.

Photo: Maine Drone Imaging
Photo: Maine Drone Imaging

Scenic Lift Rides:

Before summer started, we talked about various mountains offering lift rides throughout the off-season. Both Sugarloaf and Sunday River have picked it up again with rides up/down the mountain. The Chondola will be taking people from the base of the mountain to North Peak and the SuperQuad will be spinning to allow the use of the SuperQuad area of Sugarloaf. The Chondola is dog, kid, and grandparent-friendly, so you’ll want to pack up your whole family for this scenic adventure. Lift rides are available from 10AM-4PM on Saturdays and Sundays from early July to mid-October. You can buy tickets online in advance, but will need to pick up your tickets upon arrival. You can also purchase tickets on-site at the various lodges and base areas. Lift tickets will be issued until 3:30PM or until capacity is reached. If you plan to ride the lift back to the bottom, please load before 4PM. For more information, visit the links below.

Photo: Sunday River

Saddleback Webcams:

Have you visited the Saddleback Webcams? With three cameras scattered across the mountain, you’re guaranteed to get the best sunset. You can go back in time if you missed the best part. While you can catch some pretty amazing sunsets, you also are able to watch crews working. This past week, they poured concrete for the bottom terminal and work is still going on. Click the link below to watch them build the new Sandy Quad.

Photo: Top of the World (8/1/22 @ 7:55pm)


Temps keep dropping and we all are starting to get the snow twinkle in our eyes. Only a few more months, Mainely Skiers! For now, let’s take it one day at a time. The rain on Thursday carried in a cold front that is going to burn off by Sunday, resulting in a great day for those end-of-summer chores.

High:45 57 61
Low:36 43 47
Based out of Rangeley

Colder temps >>>


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