Mainely Skiing Fall Fun (November 5, 2021)

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Photo: Sugarloaf Mountain


Woah! Can you believe it’s November 5th? November means one thing for us skiers: SNOW! This November is expected to be a snowy one! Let’s get those skis dusted off and the snow dances going!


Last weekend, I took a trip up to Saddleback to check out the progress. Although there weren’t any machines running at the time, you could tell they are still hard at work getting the mountain ready for us skiers. After all, this is crunch season for them. The photos below show the activity around the busy resort ranging from the new Cupstuptic T-Bar to the A-Frames and everything in between.

Photo: Cupsuptic T-Bar (10/30/21) Saddleback Crew Hung Tees on 11/2
Photo: South Branch Parking Area With New Moving Carpet (10/30/21)
Photo: Parmachenee A-Frames Construction (10/30/21)
Photo: Future Site of Employee Housing (Before South Branch Parking) 10/30/21

Moving Carpet:

Saddleback’s new Moving Carpet has a name! If you have been looking around our website you probably know it already: Mollychunkamunk. At first, I thought it was strange and the name didn’t feel right, however, Andy Shepard made a statement saying Mollychunkamunk was the former name of the Richardson Lake. After a while, the name grew on me and I think it will be a fun name for the kids to say. For the first season, Saddleback has said they will be running this lift as needed and it will be run by the Ski School. Basically saying it won’t be running all the time, only peak times or when they feel they need to run it.

Opening Dates:

All dates should be taken with a grain of salt. Below are the planned opening dates for the big mountains.

  • Saddleback: November 23
  • Sugarloaf: Before Thanksgiving
  • Sunday River: Before Thanksgiving

We’ll update you week by week via our emails, and through our Twitter.


That’s right Mainely Skiers! Our hats are now in. Head over to the merchandise page and get yours today! Now 10% off through Sunday!

Last Chair:

Killington has officially opened for the 2021/22 ski season, first in New England. Sugarloaf and Sunday River have kickstarted their fall season by getting those guns fired up! We should be skiing shortly!


As I watch the countdown tick down to zero, I can’t help but notice our temps for this weekend. Let’s hope these temps keep dropping! Pssst, live countdown on the Mountain Lift Status page, linked below 😉

High:40 47 50
Low:27 26 32
Based out of Rangeley

Happy Snowvember Mainely Skiers!


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