Mainely Skiing Weekly Email (November 26, 2021)

Welcome to the Mainely Skiing Weekly Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox at the end of every week to highlight what’s happening with your Maine ski resort!

Sugarloaf is Open!
Photo: Sugarloaf

Mainely Skiing Photos:

Want your photo to be a part of Mainely Skiing? Take photos throughout your ski day and send them to us via email to be featured in our emails, instagram, or twitter posts. Our email is below! You can also send the photos to us through Instagram and Twitter Direct Message. (Linked below)

Photo: Maine Drone Imaging

Mountain Report:

Saddleback: 0 / 67 Trails Open

Sugarloaf: 10 / 162 Trails Open

Sunday River: 8 / 135 Trails Open

Black Friday:

Enjoy 15% off everything sitewide at our Merchandise Store. Now through Sunday, get the latest Mainely Skiing gear!

Last Chair:

Now that Sunday River and Sugarloaf are spinning two lifts both accessing 7 trails each, this makes a great weekend to dust off the skis and gt up on the hill. Also, A BIG thank you to Katelyn, Ben G, and Sebastian for liking last week’s email! You guys are awesome.


Brrr…Chilly week this week but the temps should be on the upward trend soon. This weekend is perfect for hitting the slopes for those early season turns! Check out the lift status by clicking the link below!

High:37 24 27
Low:22 15 14
Based out of Rangeley

Tips up!


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