Mainely Skiing Weekly Email (May 13, 2022)

Welcome to the Mainely Skiing Summer Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox whenever we release new emails. In this email, we will highlight all the summer activities in or around the Rangeley Area!

Photo: Peter Williams

Summer Activities:

Now that all the Maine ski resorts are closed, it’s time to start thinking about summer. After all, the Maine Warden Service declared official ice-out on Rangeley Lake on May 5, at 5:00am. Here at Mainely Skiing, we have your summer bucket list all ready to go and we’re confident you will have a great off-season. Click the link below to read all the various summer activities available in the greater Rangeley area.

Sugarloaf Marathon:

Strap on those running shoes and gear up for the annual Sugarloaf Marathon. For all the information including where the race will start/end, how and/or where to pick up your numbered bib, and times for the event, click the link below.

Photo: Sugarloaf

Calendar Adds:

Make sure to add these events to your calendar so you’re always kept up to date with the local happenings.

Event Name:Start Date:End Date:Occurrence:
Saddleback Pub Reopens for SummerMay 27
Friday Fire and Marshmallow RoastMay 27August 26Every Friday
Free Kids Bike Group TripJune 2September 1Every Thursday
Morning Flow YogaJune 4August 27Every Saturday
CRNEMBA Trail Work DaysJune 4June 5Two Days
Hatha YogaJune 5August 28Every Sunday

Tough Mountain Challenge:

While Sunday River’s Tough Mountain Challenge is in July, it’s not too early to sign up! Prices increase on May 31st so get after it! For more information and to learn how to register, click the link below.

Saddleback Webcams:

Have you visited the Saddleback Webcams? With three cameras scattered across the mountain, you’re guaranteed to get the best sunset. Plus, you can go back in time if you missed the best part. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to catch the following photo. Visit the link below and get your Saddleback Sunset Fix!

Photo: 5/10/2022 @ 7:45 PM

Quill Hill:

Have you ever wanted a 360-degree view of a sunset in the Western Maine mountains? Take a trip up to the summit of Quill Hill. With picnic tables at the top, even lunch up there is spectacular! For more information, click on their website!

Photo: Kyle Haley

Saddleback Mountain Biking:

Last summer, Saddleback opened up its own mountain biking trails on the mountain. This summer they are back with lift-serviced downhill mountain biking accessed via the South Branch Quad. Saddleback officials say they expect the lift to start spinning around late July. For more information, click the link below.


What a nice week to be outside in Maine. Myself and many others rocked t-shirts this week. In fact, I might have to take a dip in Rangeley Lake! Friday, the nice weather will continue, however, Saturday and Sunday look like possible thunderstorms.

High:84 86 71
Low:55 58 56
Based out of Rangeley

Thanks for the beautiful weather, Mother Nature!


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