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Mountain News

COVID Travel Update:

Welcome home New Englanders! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that all travel to the state of Maine from anywhere in New England has now been lifted! What does this mean? Everyone who lives in New England can now visit Maine and the other states without needing to quarantine.

RFID Gates:

Most Maine ski resorts are now using RFID gates to save time on lift loading and to offer a safe no-contact way of scanning tickets.

Is your pass not working? Ask yourself these questions:

-Did I reload my day ticket online? If yes, you still need to see the ticket office to make sure the pass is activated.

-Do I have other passes, phones, credit cards, etc. in the same pocket? RFID passes works best in its own pocket.

-Is the pass on the left side of your body? The orange part is the scanner.

25% Off Sitewide

Now until Friday, March 10, receive 25% off sitewide!

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