Mainely Skiing Weekly Email (March 12, 2021)

Happy Friday! This email will be sent straight to your inbox at the end of every week to highlight what’s happening with your Maine ski resorts!

Mountain News

COVID Travel Update:

Welcome home New Englanders! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that all travel restrictions to the state of Maine from anywhere in New England has now been lifted! What does this mean? Everyone who lives in New England can now visit Maine and the other states without needing to quarantine.

RFID Gates:

Now that most Maine ski resorts are now using RFID gates to save time on lift loading and to offer a safe non-contact way of scanning tickets, we want to help you out!

Is your pass not working? Ask yourself these questions:

-Did I reload my day ticket online? If yes, you still need to visit the ticket office to make sure the pass is activated.

-Do I have other passes, phones, credit cards, etc. in the same pocket? RFID passes work best in its own pocket.

-Is the pass on the left side of your body? The orange part is the scanner.

Trail Reports:

Sugarloaf: 154 / 162 Trails Open

Sunday River: 120 / 135 Trails Open

Saddleback: 68 / 68 Trails Open

Shawnee Peak: 32 / 47 Trails Open


How about that weather for the end of this week? You can’t beat skiing on corn! While Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was a mini heatwave, expect colder weather to follow. After all, March is the snowiest month of the year! Keep doing those snow dances Mainely Skiers!

Maine Families:

Have you ever wanted to try skiing at a family-friendly mountain? Well, now you can for only $25.00! Head over to the Shawnee Peak website to find out more! Click the text below!

Mainely Skiing Weekend Rewind:

Did you catch last weekend’s rewind? If you haven’t don’t worry, you can watch it by clicking the link below!

Mainely Skiing Video

Last Call for 25% Off:

This is the final day to save big! Head over to our website and check out those savings! Our personal favorite: the classic Mainely Skiing tee. Perfect for wearing it around the lodge or as a base layer. With warm weather coming up, this might become your new “ski shirt” for those awesome 50 degree spring days! Click the link below to check out our merchandise.


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