Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

SPRING BREAK - ST. PATRICKS DAY - Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mainely Skiers! It’s time to dust off that green shirt in the back of your drawer and head to the nearest mountain! P.s, it looks like it should be a pretty good day! Check out our weather for more.


Today will definitely be a good one out on the hill! As we look at the forcast, both today and tomorrow look beautiful! Here are the temps for today:

Saddleback: 53 – 32
Suagarloaf: 48 – 32
Sunday River: 50 – 30
Shawnee Peak: 53 – 32

Trail Report:

With the warmer temps both today and tomorrow, keep an eye out for ski patrol dropping ropes! In the meantime, here’s what we know so far!

Saddleback: 61 / 68 Trails Open
Sugarloaf: 80 / 162 Trails Open
Sunday River: 92 / 135 Trails Open
Shawnee Peak: 29 / 47 Trails Open

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