Mainely Skiing Summer Fun (May 7, 2021)

Welcome to the first Mainely Skiing Summer Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox whenever we release new emails. In this email, we will highlight all the summer activities in or around the Rangeley Area!


We all know that Rangeley is home to beautiful lakes and mountains. With that, how can anyone live here and not want to be outside? Hiking is the perfect way to get out of the house and explore our great state, Maine. With so many perfect places all around the Rangeley Area, this makes for the perfect hiking location. With Saddleback Mountain a few miles from downtown Rangeley and other famous hiking trails/locations so close to the place we all call home, pick a spot and lace up those hiking boots! My personal recommendation would be hiking our second home in the winter, Saddleback Maine. You’ll see parts of the mountain that you typically cruise by on skis and you can get up close with things you normally can’t when there is snow. Another great option would be Rangeley Lakes Trails Center or the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust! Both of their websites are below.

Photo: Maine Lakes and Mountains


Rangeley is home to two spectacular golf courses and with Sugarloaf and Sunday River’s courses just a few miles away, Rangeley is the total package for outdoor activities. If you’ve gone to Saddleback this winter, you’ve passed Everygreen Golf Course. Right next to the Saddleback access road is the Evergreen Course. If you are headed to Oquossoc, you’ve probably seen Mingo Springs Road. If you turn onto that road, you will arrive at Mingo Springs Golf Course and Driving Range. Check out both of their websites below.

Photo: Sugarloaf Golf Club


While this weekend looks iffy, keep in mind it is Rangeley and the weather can change in a flash.

High:56 54 58
Low:35 37 38
Based out of Rangeley

With so many fun opportunities this summer, get out and enjoy!


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