Mainely Skiing Summer Fun (May 14, 2021)

Welcome to the Mainely Skiing Summer Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox whenever we release new emails. In this email, we will highlight all the summer activities in or around the Rangeley Area!


There is a reason it’s called the Rangeley Lakes Region. With over 100 lakes and ponds, including six major lakes—Rangeley, Mooselookmeguntic, Cupsuptic, the Upper and Lower Richardsons, and Aziscohos, there are lots of options for swimming. Places that stand out to me include Smalls Falls, Coos Canyon, Rangeley Town Park/Beach, and the Rangeley Lake State Park as they are all family-friendly, have lots of options for parking, and are a great way to meet future ski buddies!

Photo: New York Times

Disc Golf:

The Sugarloaf Disc Golf Course is located just above the base area and is open all summer. Please check in and pay at Downhill Supply Company in the village. Rental discs are available for $1 per round. With no reservations required, this makes for a great activity to get out onto the slopes during the summer months. Pared with many other great stops around the Sugarloaf area, why not make a day out of it? For all things outdoors at Sugarloaf, head over to their website at All in all, this sounds like a tee-rific time!

Photo: Sugarloaf


This weekend looks like an inside type of weekend. However, don’t let being indoors kill the fun. Activities like bowling, going to the movies, or just driving around are perfect for those rainy days!

High:66 66 64
Low:40 42 42
Based out of Rangeley

Have a great weekend Mainely Skiers!


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