Mainely Skiing Summer Fun (June 25, 2021)

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Photo: Saddleback Maine

Hiking Saddleback:

We all love a good leg burner day on the slopes. You can get the same great workout at Saddleback in the summertime. We welcome hikers! Here are some tips and rules to please keep in mind.

  • There are two main hiking routes up Saddleback Mountain’s ski resort side. The road by way of Lower Green Weaver and the most direct route, Grey Ghost. It’s 1.8 miles from the lodge to the summit (via Grey Ghost + Tri Color) and another 1.7 miles to the Horn from the summit.
  • Saddleback is Maine’s 3rd largest alpine zone, the ecosystem above tree line is extremely fragile, please always travel on durable surfaces such as rock or bare dirt.
  • Plan ahead and prepare, pack plenty of water and extra layers, at over 4,000 feet the weather on the mountain will be much different than in town Rangeley. It can be cold and windy on the summit even in mid-summer.
  • We all love our dogs, but please be considerate of other visitors, and the fragile ecosystem and keep dogs on leash above tree line.
  • There is active construction going on during the summer and early fall at Saddleback. Please be aware of construction vehicle traffic and allow the vehicles to pass.

If you get hungry, the Fat Tire Mountain Bar has recently expanded its hours! Check it out along with the Hiking Information Page at the link below

Photo: Maine Trail Finders


Have you ever wanted to do yoga with a view? Well, now you can! Come take in sweeping views of the mountain and enjoy a 1 hour yoga practice. Please bring a yoga mat, although they have a few available at the lodge, yoga props if you have them, and a towel. $15 per person the class requires pre-registration by emailing You can pay by cash or a check when you are in person. To sign up, just click the link below!

Photo: Saddleback Maine


Well, I’m glad it’s Friday! While the first part of the weekend looks like an inside/chill day, There are high temps coming on Sunday. I would use Saturday as a resting day so you can get up and at it on Sunday! Below is an extended forecast for this weekend.

High:75 76 85
Low:57 67 68
Based out of Rangeley

Have a good one!


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