Mainely Skiing Summer Fun (July 16, 2021)

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Photo: Experience Rangeley

Own A Piece Of Saddleback:

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of your favorite mountain? Now you can. With two different locations and styles, there are lots of options for customization. The two “villages” consist of Upper Green Drake, a high mountain living experience near Hudson Highway, and The Parmachenee A-Frame styles located below the base lodge. With three different sizes; The Belle, The Nubble, and The Horn, there are lots of ways you can buy the house you want and at the perfect location! For more information, visit the website below.

Photo: Unofficial Networks

Maine Outdoor Film Festival:

The folks from Maine Mountain Media did a killer job with Saddleback’s Documentary. Now, they are ready for the big stage: Maine Film Fest on Friday, July 30. Let’s pack Portland with the Saddleback Family! If you are late to the game, you can watch the documentary by clicking the top link. You can also watch it in person by purchasing tickets for the Penobscot Program. Both links are below.

Photo: Maine Mountain Media

Tough Mountain Challenge:

Sunday River’s Tough Mountain Challenge returns bigger and better. Tough Mountain Challenge has been the most popular and most fun adventure obstacle race in New England since 2010. Set in the mountains of Maine, Tough Mountain delivers mud, sweat, and beer to 3,600 competitors every year. We’re gearing up for our 2021 event on July 24. Are you tough enough?

Photo: Sunday River / Tough Mountain Challenge

4,000 Foot Hikes:

Maine is home to 14, 4,000-foot peaks, Saddleback Mountain is lucky enough to be nestled right in the heart of the county containing 10 of these peaks. Come meet up with other like-minded hikers who wish to complete these 4,000-foot peaks. Let the Saddleback Adventure guides do all the trip planning and organizing to get you to the top of one or more of these high peaks to enjoy the sense of accomplishment and beauty found in the mountains. These hikes are very challenging and arduous; hikers will need to be competent with good physical stamina. This Sunday’s hike: Mt. Abraham.

Photo: Experience Rangeley

Downtown Rangeley:

Have you seen Saddleback’s store in downtown Rangeley? Stop by 10:00am – 5:00pm every day! This saves you a drive up to the mountain and you might even find some limited edition products… but, you didn’t hear that from me!

Photo: Tim Tetu

End of The Year Video:

We have been working nonstop on a great video that really sums up how great Saddleback is for a while now. We are finally proud of it and have released it to the public! Check it out by using the link below!


Maybe this weekend should be one that’s spent inside. Take a look at this wet, rainy forecast below.

High:77 75 71
Low:55 59 59
Based out of Rangeley

Stay dry Mainely Skiers!


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