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Mainely Skiing Weekly Email (November 11, 2022)

Welcome to the Mainely Skiing Fall Email! This email will be sent straight to your inbox whenever we release new emails. In this email, we will highlight all the fall activities in or around the Rangeley Area!

Happy Veterans Day!

Best of 207:

Saddleback needs your help! Make sure to vote for them for Best of 207 in the Ski Resort category. To cast your vote, click the link below. Then click Stay & Play > Ski Mountain. Plus, you can vote every day so make sure to save the link. Voting ends Friday, November 18.

Photo: Andy Gagne Photography

Calendar Adds:

Make sure to add these events to your calendar to keep yourself up to date with the local happenings. Of course, you can always visit our events page which is constantly getting updated so you can know about the event before anyone else! Click here

Event Name:Start Date:End Date:Occurrence:
Rangeley Craft FairNovember 12November 12One Day
Best of 207 VotingNovember 1November 18Every Day
Saddleback Pub Reopens for Winter SeasonNovember 25November 25On Day
Ski Patrol Christmas Dinner @ SaddlebackDecember 10December 10One Day
Pleasant Mountain Opening DayDecember 10December 10One Day
Holiday Tree Lighting @ SugarloafDecember 10December 10One Day
Winterfest Weekend @ Sunday RiverDecember 17December 18Two Days
Christmas Vacation WeekDecember 26December 30Five Days

Thank A Veteran:

Happy Veteran’s Day! Make sure to thank a veteran today! After all, if they didn’t fight, we wouldn’t have the freedom to ski all winter long! On behalf of Mainely Skiing – Thank you for all you’ve done for this great country!

Competition Hill Construction:

Crews are raping up on Sugarloaf’s newest lift, Competition Hill, A new Doppelmayr T-Bar in collaboration with Sugarloaf and CVA to create a world-class training environment. In the past few weeks, they have been working hard to make the lift spin this upcoming winter. They spliced the haul rope, This new lift, paired with fully automated snowmaking equipment will help give racers the confidence to go big! Sugarloaf hopes this new lift will help take pressure off main lifts on busy days. Watch the project take form by clicking the link below.

Jordan 8:

The new Jordan 8 construction is moving nicely. The crew at Sunday River and Doppelmayr only have a few more things before the lift will be taking skiers to the top of Jordan Peak. Those items include Aligning Towers, Pulling the haul rope, and putting chairs on the line. For the latest video update, click the link below.

Photo: Jordan 8

Saddleback Webcams:

Have you visited the Saddleback Webcams? With three cameras scattered across the mountain, you’re guaranteed to get the best sunset. You can go back in time if you missed the best part. While you can catch some pretty amazing sunsets, you also are able to watch crews working. This past week, they received delivery of the Bullwheels and the bottom terminal has started to take form. Click the link below to watch them build the new Sandy Quad.

Photo: Saddleback Base Camera Webcam overlooking the Rangeley Express and new Sandy Quad Construction. (Photo Taken 11/10/22 @ 11:22am)


As we look at the way things are going with the forecast, we all are thinking winter will never be here. Thankfully, with the jet stream blowing cold arctic air in, we’ll be in for a treat next week. Also, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, they’re calling for a winter mix on Sunday. Although it won’t equate to anything, it’s still snow. Periods of rain and snow will be likely in the evening on Sunday Night.

High:61 62 44
Low:53 40 24
Based out of Rangeley

Thank you veterans!

– Keegan

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